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The Brush Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

…and waaaaay easier to write with.

Hey! I’m Emma, the founder and creative human behind Black Chalk Collective. With my endless amounts of penthusiasm combined with over 96 years of experience in pen wizardry, I’ll show you how to take your penmanship from ‘what the heck does that say? Is that braille?’ to ‘OMG can I get your autograph and then tattoo it onto my body forever you Level 47 Pen God(dess)??’

Whether you want to learn how to wrangle a brush pen, pointed pen, paintbrush or piece of chalk – I’m your man! Here at Black Chalk Co, we’re all about creating, learning, communicating via the written word, but most importantly: having fun.

So, grab a brush pen and some paper, read on and let’s renew that pen licence!

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