Hey guys! If you haven’t already heard me singing the praises of Officeworks over on Instagram, you’ll be pleased to learn that their Fitzroy store (Melbourne, AU) is now stocking over 7,000 NEW art products! Whaaat? I know.

Most importantly for my Melburnian followers, this means Officeworks Fitzroy is your new ONE STOP SHOP for brush pens! They are stocking Tombows both individually and in packs, they have the Micador Stylist Brush Markers which you may have seen me use on Insta, Pentel Color Brushes in 12 shades and their iconic Aqua Brushes, NEW Ecoline Brush Pens (ONLY available in Officeworks), Lyra Brush Pens as well as a few familiar favourites they’ve always stocked like the Pentel Sign Brush Pens and Sharpie Brush Pens.

Not only is their brush pen collection amazing – but they are the ONLY (I’m doing a lot of emphasising, but seriously, caps is my level of excitement right now) local stockist of Rhodia pads!

In addition, you can find a million other awesome products like paint, pencils, pens, canvasses, quality paper, instructional books and SO. MUCH. MORE.

I was lucky enough to score an invite to the opening weekend where I attended a workshop run by one of my lettering heroes, Gemma O’Brien. We doodled away on little notebooks while admiring some of Gemma’s amazing work that was displayed around the room.

We then got the chance to check out the new range and chat to some brand reps and the Officeworks buyer. We also got the chance to watch Gemma work her magic in real life as she painted up a mural in store. And it was inCRED.

I’ve included some photos from the morning below, and you can read the official Officeworks media release by clicking here.

If you’re in Melbourne, make sure you pop into the Fitzroy store ASAP and stock up on some fantastic art products!

Photos below courtesy of Officeworks:


Few snaps below taken by me on the day:

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