black-chalk-co-online-course-picHEY GUYS!

It’s 1.00am in Melbourne but I have no chill right now. Probably because it’s still 25 degrees Celsius and I am dying.

It’s also the holidays which means I should probably be doing something more exciting with my life, but time off from my real job means time to spend on Black Chalk Co, have naps during the day and eat ice cream for every meal, which makes me want to stay up all night forever. I also have no idea what day it is anymore so that’s a fun game I can play now.

I am yet to mention it on my blog, so I thought for everyone who may not have seen my Instagram recently – I have an ONLINE COURSE coming! I filmed in November and I’m so G-Damn excited to be able to teach many, many more people who can’t come to my in-real-life workshops for obvious reasons such as I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific. And maybe some other oceans, Geography was never my strong point. Australia, for those I have thoroughly confused.

BACK ON TOPIC! So I’ve filmed an online class that covers everything I teach in my intro to brush pen lettering workshops. I blab on about what brush pen lettering is, different pen brands, how to use them, how to draw the staple stokes, how to connect those strokes to form letters, how to connect those letters together to make words, as well as some tips and tricks on mastering your letterforms as well as some design tips for making your work pop.

There’s also a private Facebook group for all the participants where the conversation has already started. Not only that, but the registrants will be the FIRST HUMANS to get their hands on my comprehensive lettering manual which covers learning brush pen lettering in excruciating detail. It’s painfully good. (*no pain involved)

It’s going to be way too much fun. Don’t believe me? Watch my blooper reel below and TELL ME you didn’t laugh. I dare you.


Uh, well, everything about brush pen lettering – sign me up?

For reals though, the course content becomes available on 1st February 2017. BUT, you can sign up right now, and until the 31st of December which is maybe soon (seriously what is the day), you will receive a $25 USD discount. Even if you miss this deadline, it’s worth signing up early so that you can join the Facebook group and chat about supplies, where to buy them, what the weather is like at your place, the colour of your pants – whatever! Getting the convo started early won’t hurt! It will give you time to ask any burning questions you may have and collect supplies, so that you’re ready to get started on the 1st February!

Everything else you could possibly need to know about the course can be found here, or by clicking ‘ONLINE COURSE’ in the main menu of my website.

Still have questions? GOOD. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. Feel free to email me at any time on and I’d be happy to help.

Hope to see you sign up, and happy lettering!