Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you around my little home office / workstation and how I go about setting myself up to letter as well as storing all my goodies.



My workstation is in a little nook between the front door (pictured) and the kitchen (to the left of frame). Natural light is behind me, and there’s no direct light overhead. My apartment is really well lit and catches the sun ALL day, so it’s not too bad during the day. It’s just such a convenient little spot with the shelves already there!

My desk is just a cheap little thing I got from Kmart a while back. Really I just wanted something simple and industrial looking, with a wooden top! It could definitely be a little bigger, but then so could my whole apartment – ha! For big projects I spread out over the dining room table (like I’m sure most of us do!)

I just bought myself a kneeling chair as I had previously been using wooden dining chairs which were really uncomfortable and couldn’t be adjusted. It’s best to work with your arms bent at the elbow at a 90 degree angle, lightly resting on the table. The kneeling chair not only takes the pressure off my lower back and encourages better posture, but it is adjustable – ensuring I’m able to achieve the 90 degree angle at any workstation in the house.




My workstation itself has most of my pens within easy reach. It’s getting a little crowded though! Mind you – it’s emptier than this when I’m actually lettering. I usually just have my light pad underneath and then paper and pen. I keep the right side of me (where the iPad case and pencil case are) completely clear so as not to interfere with my arm’s range of motion.

I use a range of different containers to store my pens. My favourite is the one in the left hand corner- it’s a huge clear cosmetic storage container that I also got from Kmart – I have 2 and they fit SO many pens! I also use empty jars, actual pen containers as well as small vases.


Above my desk are 2 shelves where I store a range of things – more pens, calligraphy inks, embossing supplies, lettering books (but most I have electronically) as well as random decorative bits and bobs.

I store all of my pens vertically – I’ve never had a problem storing them this way. The only pens that I treat differently are Pentel Color Brushes which I still store vertically, just upside down.



Behind me and to the right are some shelves where I keep most of my supplies. It’s actually so overwhelming to look at in this picture! It’s not so bad in real life, but, I would like to have a better way to store things. I just don’t like looking at it all, messy 🙂

These shelves are where I store all my paper, workshop supplies, things I sell, watercolours, chalk, postage supplies, printer, spare brush pens and basically any other bulky thing that I don’t want on my desk.

There you have it! That’s my current workspace – hope you enjoyed the insight.

Let me know if you have any questions and feel welcome to share your creative space on Instagram and tag me so I can see! #BlackChalkCo and @BlackChalkCo