Hello lettering lovers and penthusiasts alike – interested in learning brush pen lettering? Perfect! You’re in the right place. But you already knew that.

There are three different ways Black Chalk Co can teach you all about brush pen lettering, check them out:



Whaaaaaaat? Right! I. know. I’m super excited to announce that Black Chalk Co’s successful Intro to Brush Pen Lettering Workshops have been transformed (using the power of cameras and the interwebz) into an easy to follow ONLINE COURSE!

As of 1st February 2017 you’ll be able to tune in and learn everything you need to know to wrangle a brush pen and create beautiful lettering. There’s video content, a comprehensive manual, as well as an interactive private Facebook group to support you along the way!

Why wait until February? The course is available for pre-registration now, so come say hi in the Facebook group!

Click the photo above to find out more information and register, or visit learn.blackchalkco.com. See you there!


I regularly host beginner and intermediate Brush Pen Lettering workshops in Melbourne and Australia-wide. To see if there’s an upcoming workshop near you, for further details, and to book – click here!


I strongly believe you lose nothing by giving, which is why I am open to sharing so much of my hand lettering knowledge through social media and this blog. Click through the topics below for some free written lessons!

The below topics are intended for beginners to progress through in order. If you’re pretty well advanced, feel free to head straight to the topic that interests you most!

What you need to get started

Brush Pen Lettering Guides (free downloads included)

Using your body to improve your lettering

Pen pressure: when and how much

The staple strokes of lowercase letterforms

Drills to repeat, repeat, repeat

Want more? 

Sign up to my online course for more than an hour of video tutorials covering all of the above topics, plus much-needed extras such as piecing staple strokes together to form letters, piecing letters together to form words, letter variations, and a range of tutorials on adding fun extras to your designs to make them ‘pop’! Registration includes access to a private Facebook group and a comprehensive brush pen lettering manual with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to get started!

I would love to see the work you are creating so please join me over on Instagram and tag @BlackChalkCo and #BlackChalkCo in your posts, ensuring that your page is set to public.