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Looking for some helpful resources to improve your technical art or creative biz skills? I’ve put together my FAVOURITE products, courses, and resources to help you do just that! Some of them are my own (shameless) and some of them are from other artists and businesses. Anything below that isn’t my own I have tried or bought and believe in – I wouldn’t recommend them otherwise! Please note that I am an affiliate for some of the links on this page, and should you go ahead and purchase something, it may provide me with a percentage of the sale. Thank you for supporting both myself and these great resources, and I hope you find them as useful as I have!


How good is learning stuff without having to leave the house or put pants on?


I’d be pretty dumb if I didn’t yell about my own online school, hey? There you will find my FREE Colour Theory 101 class, the monthly Palettiquette watercolour classes, and some more in-depth courses on Brush and Chalk Lettering. You can also pick up some handy dandy watercolour tips by heading to the Blog section in the main header of the school!


Because I’m a greedy heathen who just wants to teach all the things, I’m also on Skillshare! And I’m a Top Teacher! With a fancy badge on my profile and everything. On my channel, you’ll find some short and sweet classes on brush lettering and watercolour. By clicking the link above you’ll also be able to receive 2 months free access because I’m a nice guy like that.


Geez lady, get off yourself already. I know, I know. But I just wanna make sure you get ALL THE INFOS. On my YouTube channel, you’ll find reviews on lots of arty products. Some of them I’ve bought myself, some of them I’ve been sent by brands or art stores, and some of them I might think are absolute rubbish – but rest assured you’ll hear the real story from me!


Here are some other online classes I’ve taken and recommend!


BCC’s very own Rachel Allen has put together her first online classes in Alcohol Ink! Check out the Free Supplies Guide and if AI sounds like an art form you’d like to dip your toes (and brushes) into – check out the Beginners Workshop!


How cool would it be to turn your very own lettering into a font? With the help of Teela, now you can! This is a SUPER in-depth class that will take you through absolutely every step to creating your own font – from drawing letters out, to digitising them, to marketing your new font.


Karin is literally the queen of iPad lettering! She has been lettering on her iPad before it was even a THING – how else could she have the Insta username @iPadlettering? This course is a MUST TAKE if you’re wanting to learn all about digital lettering on the ol’ ‘pad!


Younghae’s copperplate is one of the most dreamiest I’ve come across! This course is perfect for beginners, and Younghae really breaks everything down into such an easy to comprehend format, and her calm teaching style is an added bonus. Could not recommend her highly enough!


Online stuff is cool and everything, but wanna get your hands on some papery goodness? Check out these resources!


Cos, duh? My first published book “Brush Lettering from A to Z” is a fun and comprehensive guide to creating modern calligraphy with a brush pen! I poured everything I know about brush lettering into this book, as well as a healthy dose of fun! Click the pic above for more info and where to buy.


Penultimate (affectionately known as Penultz) is my magazine I launched in mid-2017. It is the first mag (I mean it might not be, but it’s the best) dedicated to the art of lettering! It is a bi-monthly publication and each edition has it’s own theme. Click the pic above to be taken to the Penultz website.


K so I know I said “print resources” but technically you can print these, so whatever. Hit the pic above to be taken to the Digital Downloads section of my shop where you can find lettering worksheets and the occasional eBook!


This section will be a constant work in progress! You’ll be able to click through to see my recommended supplies for various art forms, as well as places in Melbourne you can find art products. Unfortunately, I don’t live everywhere ever, so I have no idea where you can find art supplies in *your neighbourhood*. I recommend finding a product you’re keen on, jumping onto Google and entering the name of it PLUS your city. See what pops up! Or, you could do the unthinkable and *GASP* go to an art store and see what they have! You may be surprised – even the most humble looking art stores have SICK STUFF. Go say hi and see what they stock.


Oh HECK YEAH. Here are all of my FAAAAVOURITE supplies, neatly organised into kits of different art forms. Click on the pic above to be taken to my Kit Homepage and scroll until your heart is content!


Kassa make siiiick art supplies, including but not limited to chalk markers, chalk vinyl and watercolours. Hit the pic above to be taken to their website and check out their range! You may also wanna check out Issue 4 of Penultimate Mag where we review their metallic chalk markers!


*CHECK BACK SOON* If I had unlimited time, I would put together a list of all the art stores ever in the whole entire world. But unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to do that, yet anyway! Instead, I thought I’d put together a list of my fave art stores here in my hometown of Melbourne, in case you’re in the neighbourhood and wanna know what’s good.


Here you’ll find a random assortment of products or software I use and recommend.


Got templates? TCS is an amazing resource of downloadable contracts and templates to help you run your biz! I’ve personally bought the custom artwork template and the GDPR package. These templates are easy to customise and give SO MUCH peace of mind that you’ve got your butt covered!


Convertkit is an email list management system – and I’m a huge fan! I have been using it since I started Penultimate Mag and it makes keeping lists and emailing customers a breeze. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be – with the ability to segment and tag users, as well as integrating with a TONNE of other websites. I love them so much I’m flying to the other side of the world to attend their conference.