In case you’ve been living under a gigantic pile of metamorphic rocks, Penultimate Magazine is being released on 1st September 2017.

*gasp* A magazine for lettering and calligraphy?

Yep, you read right. This magazine is going to be as community driven as possible, so it’s time to get involved!

Here’s how:

  • BEFORE & AFTERS: Find an old and new piece of your lettering, take a comparison snap of both to show how far you’ve come, and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #penultimatemagazine – you could be featured on Insta – OR in the mag! Bonus points if you tell us how long between each piece.
  • PEN PALS: Would you like to receive letters in the mail, not from your bank or electricity provider? If you’d like to make some new friends, practise your calligraphy and actually get snail mail from a real life person – enter your details in the form below. Please provide your first name, Instagram handle, and a short bio about you (city you live in, hobbies, fave food etc). This will be published in the magazine, so people can find others that they relate to and write to them! All mail will be collected and sent to you via the Black Chalk Co HQ, so don’t stress – we don’t need your address yet and it certainly won’t be published.

Example: “Hi my name is Emma (@blackchalkco on Insta) and I love calligraphy, choccy milk and comedy specials on Netflix. I live in Melbourne and have been lettering for 18 months. When I don’t have a pen in my hand, I can be found either on my couch, binge-watching trash TV, or on a plane in search of my next adventure.” BOOM – that easy.

  • PRODUCT REVIEW: Issue 1 will be all about the glorious Artline Stix Brush Marker. Have you got some? What do you think of them? How would you rate them out of 5? Does the ink flow from the tip like the tears of baby Jesus? Submit your opinion in the form below and it could be published! This will help readers decide on whether they need them in their life (the answer is yes btw).
  • FEATURED ARTIST: It is no surprise that Emma’s #calligrabestie Becca Courtice (@thehappyevercrafter) will be the featured artist of Issue 1. If you’ve got questions you want Becca to answer, submit them in the form below!
  • Q&A: every edition will have a reader Q&A section. Think of it like Dolly Doctor, except completely different. Not sure what paper to use? Can’t get the ombre effect? Ask your question in the form below and it could be answered in the first edition!

What are you waiting for? Get contributing!

Are you a brand or business interested in advertising in Penultimate Magazine? Get in touch using the button above to learn more about working with us!